Stop the fun from draining out of your business

● Is frustration taking hold as growth slows?● Are you starting to dread Monday mornings?● Is everyday beginning to feel the same?

Are you getting used to: 'Same sh*t, different day' syndrome?

It takes a lot of strength to start your own business and walk away from the benefits and security of life as an employee.
Being exceptional at what you do is just the starting point. You need the confidence to believe clients and customers will choose you over established, 'safer' options. Then there’s the long hours and the emotional mortgage: you're responsible for everything!
So it's only reasonable to expect a decent return in freedom and income. 
But for too many business owners that return never arrives. Instead, they're stretched so thin, in the day to day toil of running the business, they can't grow it to give them the rewards they deserve!

Are you spinning the wheels?

Most business owners hit a ceiling. That point when you're working flat out but the business stands still. Your foot's on the accelerator, but the wheels are just spinning.
When that sense of progress stops, one day starts to feel just like another, drudgery takes hold and resentment builds. You might even question yourself and wonder: 'is this as far I can take it?'
The fact is, the difference between a thriving and a stalled business is attitude, not capability.

Breaking free to your potential

The approach - your passion and expertise - vital in establishing your business, only takes you this far.
For the lifestyle you deserve, your focus needs to shift from delivering the work to running the business: Getting you off the tools of your trade, freeing yourself from the day to day work.
Crack that and everything changes. You have the time to get out there and get new business in and work on all those important areas of your company that you could never get around to.
Spending less time working in the business and more time working on it is a major mindset change. More than that, it's a leap that needs to be carefully timed and planned.
You need to synchronise getting the new business in, with taking on and training a team to earn the extra revenue to pay you and the wages.
Simple but not easy. That's why it helps to have someone who has done it many times before planning every step with you.

Ready to transform your business?

It's a tough transition to make, going from doing the groundwork to operating a business. Especially when you are on your own with all the weight on your shoulders.
Meeting your accountant once a year, to review a jumble of out of date numbers really doesn't help. But imagine having someone in your corner who focuses on you and what you want to get out of your business. Someone to:
● Build a roadmap from where you are today to the income and lifestyle you want. 
● Plot the milestones on your journey and help you plan and improve the activity to hit your goals.
● Holds you accountable, review your progress and keep you on track.


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